Christian sci-fi allegory


So, Professor Maximus and the crew land on a planet where they encounter a human-like (biologically), though (intellectually) unutterably primitive culture that have no concept of God or gods. Now, here really are your pack of bloodthirsty savages, raping and killing one another on the slightest of urges or for the merest of reasons (if any form of rationality whatever can really be accorded to this pack of latter-day Calibans). Maximus and co. are all of them both disgusted and fascinated by this unusual culture, which rather seems to refute Descartes at least who would have said that an idea of the divine was innate, so such a situation as they find themselves in would be impossible (or, at least, would be impossible if these be human minds indeed, though can that really be true when these proto-men are in such a base state?)

Anyhow, it isn’t long before their leader (such as he CAN lead this motley bunch, that is) tries to kill the Professor, so our hero Prof. Max is forced to turn his laser pistol on him. Suddenly, the savages are turned around. They are so stunned by the power of this new weapon that they begin to worship Professor Maximus as an immortal god, who in the name of anthropological research of course begins to lord it over them.

And now the savages have something approximating to a civilization. They stop killing each other willy-nilly and build a great ziggurat for the Professor to sit atop. Eventually though the son of the old leader, seeing all this, gets jealous (oh petty savage mind! Thou must indeed be human, for thou art nothing but!) and sets out to off the Professor, reasoning he is mortal after all, and at a great public festival cracks the Professor’s head open with a big stone. The Prof. appears to be dead but of course as Bosley is carrying a Healing Pack from the Excelsior with him he quickly isn’t. Thus, the resurrection! Fascinated natives, and then of course Max. must depart, for further medical care on the ship, so he goes round blessing them all and then leaves. Several begin speaking in tongues and praising his name to the heavens. All have a profound sense of the holy infused into them.

Cut to 200 years later and the natives now have a great civilization, through the myth of God-Maximus and his divine resurrection, and thus message of eternal love and peace. Neat.

Next week: On the way to deliver an important message to the planet of Ninevos-6, the Excelsior is  swallowed up by a space-whale. Can Professor Maximus and the crew escape?


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