Ingram Frizer


killed Christopher Marlowe by stabbing him in the eye following the argument over the bill. OR DID HE…? Current conspiracy research suggests he actually killed Marlowe to allow Francis Bacon to take over pretending to be Shakespeare. (thus, Frizer was handsomely rewarded by Bacon’s patron/reputed lover, James I)

Merry Christmas, you murderous bastard, PS: I have since been informed that this image comes from:

sick fuck

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4 Responses to “Ingram Frizer”

  1. Julian H Says:

    There’s about as much evidence to support such theories as there is for those big mountains being “paradise”. But then mysticism is supposed to be interesting / respected when it comes from exotic types, rather than some known mentalist like Rowan Williams.

    In fact, to come full circle – wasn’t Marlowe accused of being an atheist? All the best ones die young.

  2. andy Says:


    Don’t mind you using the image but wouldn’t mind getting credited it?



  3. kunlunmountains Says:

    Sorry andy.

    This is several months after you posted it because I’ve not been updating this blog.

  4. andy Says:

    Hey – thanks, much appreciated

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